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Native Action Network was founded in 2001 by Claudia Kauffman and Iris Friday. NAN received the Bernie Whitebear Unity award in 2003 and the Flying Eagle Women Award for Community based Philanthropy in 2011. 




Our greatest inspiration comes from the founding members of the American Indian Women's Service League who recognized early on the social issues Native people would face when the federal government passed the Indian Relocation Act in the early 1950s. Thousands of Native Americans across the U.S. were relocated to major cities and Seattle became a stopping point along the way. Recognizing, appreciating, and maintaining this vital and precious history of the strength and endurance of Native women inspired us to document their contributions through the Native Women's Leadership Forum and Enduring Spirit Honoring Luncheon. Native American tradition teaches us respect through many different actions and ceremonies. Native American tradition also teaches us the value of looking beyond the past and to look at our present and to the future. Our Leadership development work incorporates these principles of Native values.



Native Women's Leadership: Provide an environment in which Native women daughters, mothers, granddaughters, and great-grandmothers can interact with one another, share knowledge, and honor Native women making a difference in their communities.


To unite Native women of all ages and create a forum that celebrates the power which women have in creating positive change within their families and communities.




Native Action Network is powered by volunteers. We extend a huge thanks to those who have participated!