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Help us locate our 2019 Enduring Spirit Honorees! 

Be on the lookout for those outstanding women.

Now Accepting 2019 NOMINATIONS!

Applications must be received by April 12th!



Please click on the link to submit a nomination form OR email us the following information

1. Nominator Name, address, phone and email contact info. Please note that the primary nomination should come
from community members rather than family.
2. Your Nomination Packet should include:
   • Nominee’s name, tribal affiliation, and contact info
   • Length of time you’ve known nominee
   • Reason for your nomination and how they have inspired others
   • Specific examples of nominee’s lifetime accomplishments (Very important detailed information helps the selection committee as they make their final determination.)
   • Specific examples of how your nominee’s contributions are positively impacting and contributing to the
health and vitality of their community or the issues they are championing
   • Nominees volunteer activities
   • Newspaper articles, or other documentation in support of nomination

Email inquiries and applications to: 

Be sure to include “Enduring Spirit Award” in the subject line.

*Honorees will be announced on our website at during MAY 2019.




The Enduring Spirit Award recognizes the lifetime achievements of Native women who through their commitment of time, energy, and volunteerism contribute to healthy communities. The issues they champion are varied and include: environment, education, youth and family, holistic health (mind, body, spirit), continuation and retention of culture, preservation of treaty rights, sacred sites, and economic empowerment to name a few. 

Congratulations to our 2018 Enduring Spirit Honorees!


2018 Enduring Spirit Honorees:

  • Deborah Sioux Cano-Lee, Salt River Pima-Maricopa 

  • Nancy Shippentower-Games, Puyallup

  • Jenece Howe, Yakama

  • Cecilia FireThunder, Oglala Sioux


Past Honorees by year:

2002 Adeline Garcia (Haida), Joan Staples Baum (Ojibwe), Maiselle Bridges (Puyallup), Gina George (Yakama), Jeannie Halliday Thomas (Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs)


2003 Ramona Bennett (Puyallup), Virginia Cross (Muckleshoot), Joy Ketah (Blackfeet), Marilyn Wandry (Suquamish)


2004 Johanna Cabaug (Tlingit), Lillian Chappel (Yakama), Julie Johnson (Lummi), Marie Zackuse (Tulalip)


2006 Carol Craig (Yakama), Theresa Parker (Makah), Dr. Lee Piper (Cherokee), Emma Sweet Baxter (Snoqualmie), Lois Sweet Dorman (Snoqualmie)


2007 Debora Juarez (Blackfeet), Ivy Cheyney (Suquamish), Ellen Hope Hayes (Tlingit), Diane Vendiola (Swinomish)


2008 Special Recognition and presentation of the Sister Spirit Award to Mary Kim Titla (Apache) 

2008 - Viole Riebe (Hoh), Juanita Jefferson (Lummi), Charlotte Kalama (Quinault), Wilma Arquette (Eastern Shoshone)


2010 - Marlene Spencer Simia (Yakama), Ileen Sylvester (Yup’ik, Athabascan, Aleut), Gloria Simpson (Confederated Tribes of Colville – Chief Joseph Band of Nez Perce), Deborah Parker (Tulalip)


2011 Mary A. Miller Marchand (Colville), Pearl Capoeman Baller (Quinault), Dr. Verna Bartlett (Puyallup), Dr. Cheryl Crazy Bull (Lakota)

2011 Special Recognition and presentation of the Sister Spirit Award to Eloise Cobell (Blackfeet)


2013 Virginia Bill, (Upper Skagit), Beverly Peters (Swinomish), Patsy Whitefoot (Yakama) Teri Gobin (Tulalip)


2014 Ramona Ahto, (Yakama), Dianne Allen (Coeur d’Alene), Darlene Miller (Seneca), Earlene Balla (Seneca)


2015  Robbie Paul (Nez Perce), Mary Ann Peltier (Chippewa & Assiniboine Sioux), Yvonne Peterson (Chehalis), and Frances G. Charles (Lower Elwha Klallam)


2016  Peggy McCloud (Puyallup); Sue Henry (Suquamish); Emma Medicine Whitecrow (Cherokee/Comanche); Maria Pascua (Makah); and, Charlanne Quinto (Colville)


2017  Laverne Lane (Lummi); Theresa Sheldon (Tulalip); LaVerne Wise (Tlingit); Gail T. Morris (NaaChahNulth); Cecilia Fire Thunder (Oglala Sioux)

Read more about our previous honorees and their backgrounds below!