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Native Action Network hosts two annual events: The Native Women's Leadership Forum & Enduring Spirit Awards and the Young Native Women's Leadership Academy.

In 2017-18 we hosted, "Engage, Educate, Activate - Preparing our Next Generation of Community Leaders."  Visit NAN Leadership Cohort to learn more.

Native Action Network is a grassroots organization founded in 2001. Our mission is to enhance the beauty, strength, and
integrity of the American Indian & Alaskan Native community through personal empowerment and civic participation. We do
this by providing leadership development training, registering voters, promoting civic participation, highlighting community
issues on our web-site, and through active involvement in public affairs. Our Network is comprised of committed community volunteers who give of their time, energy, and expertise to make a positive impact on community affairs.


The Native Women's Leadership Forum is an annual event full of workshops, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and panels. The Forum is designed with our mission in mind and encourages participants to make a positive impact in their community. Each year the Forum takes a new theme, and with it new educational and training opportunities. Participants include Native women (and men!) from across the state and from many different tribal backgrounds. Our feedback tells us that participants leave feeling empowered, recharged, and renewed. We hope to see you at the next Forum!


The Enduring Spirit Award recognizes the lifetime achievements of Native women who through their commitment of time, energy, and volunteerism contribute to healthy communities. The issues they champion are varied and include: environment, education, youth and family, holistical health (mind, body, spirit), continuation and retention of culture, preservation of treaty rights, sacred sites, and economic empowerment to name a few.


Native Action Network’s Young Native Women’s Leadership Academy prepares the next generation of women Native leaders by combining cultural values with modern tools and services. The Youth Academy includes three day of challenging and invigorating leadership training. We encourage our young women attendees to push their minds and spirits to new limits through debate and discussion with their peers under the guidance and instruction of honored elders and guests specialized in their fields. Through key presentations combined with hands on team activities, young women leave transformed, empowered, and prepared to make a positive difference in their communities.


The journey continues long after the gathering, as graduates of the Native Action Network Leadership Academy will be welcomed into an elite and connected alumni network with the tools to propel graduates to reach their newly defined goals. With each conference our network expands, providing endless opportunities to network, explore career and educational interests, and share goals with a community of powerful and amazing Native women leaders.


Previous Community Events 

​​Election Watch Party

In early November, Native Action Network invited Political Junkies, Civic Participants, Community Friends and Families for an evening gathering at the Westin.  Together, we visited and watched the election results come in from across the country.  

Sisters in Spirit Candlelight Vigil 

Each year on October 4th, communities across the world come together to honor the lives of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls. As we do so, we remember the lives of sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers tragically taken from us. Each candle is a beacon of hope and strength. This year, Native Action Network hosted one of three Sister's in Spirit Candlelight Vigils held in the U.S. in Pioneer Square, Seattle.  

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